In 1991 a major restoration of the Church in Poeldijk was completed. In order to enhance fundraising, for organising organ concerts and the upkeep of the church organ, a fund named Foundation Organ Concerts Poeldijk was initiated. In that year nine organ concerts were organised generating a compassionate interest. When this slowly began to fade and the Foundation suggested to wind itself up, Tym Kortekaas-Zaal (Secretary of the Foundation) decided that expanding might be a better option. The name of the Foundation was then changed to: Foundation for Study-and Oratorio Projects with members: Tym Kortekaas-Zaal (Secretary), Nico Mobron (Treasurer) and Jos Vranken (Chairman). This new Foundation created and realised, with the aid of sponsors of the VSB Fonds Westland, the municipality of Monster and the Prince Bernhard Fund, the first festival “Tonen2000”.


This festival has been organised biannually since the year 2000 and has grown to be a renowned international festival, for a long period being the only one in the Netherlands.


Anno 2015, behind the scenes major changes have been made regarding the organisational aspect of the foundation. The composition of the board has almost completely changed into a new very enthusiastic and ambitious group of people. The new board also decided to refresh the entire image of the festival with a new logo and style. The content of Tonen edition 2016 will remain mostly the same.